Nate – Tijan Meyer

First, let me start by telling you that Tijan Meyer has become one of my absolute favorite authors. I have been anticipating the release of Nate since she first announced it months ago.

Nate’s story is an enemies to lovers story that hooks you in from the start. Finding out Nate had a daughter and the child’s mother had passed away was heart wrenching. Nate being the Nate we all know and love, steps right in to raise his daughter with his daughter’s biological aunt, Quincey. The story going through turmoil but also gives us a glimpse of our favorite guys, Mason and Logan Kade. Just like always, the trio is thick as thieves.

I didn’t want to put the story down. Reading every free second of every day, and that’s rare when you have three young children and you’re an author yourself. The story is that good at grasping your attention.

The characters in the story were well developed, and she did an amazing job of linking Nate’s stand alone to the Fallen Crest world. I’m a HUGE fan of the Fallen Crest series and have every single book signed sitting on my shelf. I didn’t realize until I read Nate just how much I missed those characters, so I’ll be doing a re-read.

One thing I wish the story had was more drama with Quincey’s father. I’m so used to most of Tijan’s book have a huge build up to an anticipated scene, and I felt like while their was drama at one point in the story with her father, it just sort of fell off.

Regardless of the flaw, I know that Tijan is a writing mastermind and she see’s her stories how she sees her stories. While I wish their had been more, the book is perfect in so many other ways. I still rate this book with five stars!

If you haven’t read Nate yet, do so now! While reading the Fallen Crest series is not necessary, it does help to know how the relationship between the three best friends works.

Nate is currently listed at $4.99 on Amazon, not available for Kindle Unlimited at this time.

Happy Reading!


J. Akridge

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