A Guided Tour of My Bookshelf

Do you ever see pictures on social media and you can see the persons bookshelf behind them? So, you do what ever sane person does and you click the picture, zooming in as close as you possibly can to see the titles?

I mean, a bookshelf tells a lot about a person, right? At least I think mine does!

So, today, I decided I’d take you on a tour of my collection. I don’t read much paperback, it’s easier for me to read from my paper white kindle since the only time I’m able to write is late at night with the little monsters are snoozing in their own beds. I’ve collected most of these through book signings I’ve attended, most all of them are signed by the author with sweet little messages inside. That’s my favorite part!

I’ve had to cram them all on these two shelves, high from the ground so tiny hands can’t reach them!

So, here we go, on a guided tour of my bookshelf!

I love the decorated bowl that holds different swag I couldn’t seem to part with, my badges from signings, and sooooo many pens! When I get new swag, it all goes right in that bowl and I LOVE IT! I don’t have any organization on this shelf, and that may drive you all crazy so I apologize in advance. I tried to put all the authors together, but some got away from me. And you may notice the Orca Whale mug sitting on top? Well, there’s a story behind it and I’ll gladly tell you, in a little bit!

This part of the shelf has a lot of different authors, Teagan Hunter, Jennifer Ann, S.E. Hall, Linda Kage, Georgia Coffamn, K. Bromberg, so many! One of my favorites, that I re-read all the time is Justice from K.C. Lynn. The story is a mix of controversy and romance. It’s not for everyone, but I love it and can’t wait for the other Creed Brothers to get their time. See one of your favorites or have a question? You can always comment below or message, I’d love to chat books with you.

This shelf, may seem basic to you, but ohhhh lord!!!!!! Have you read anything by Amy Daws? Because I was never a soccer fan until those boys came into my life. And, of course, I have the author and movie covers of After. Meeting Hero was once of the most embarrassing fangirl moments for me. Sara Ney’s Jock Row and Jock Rule sucked me in from the start. The Perfect Game will make you swoon, cry, and throw it across the room, so be prepared. Jiffy Kate, I fell so hard for Finding Focus! I received their books and a lot of swag for Christmas one year, and it was the best present to date! Levitate by Kaylee Ryan, I love it so much. Mostly because I named my son after the main character. Peep that Elvis and Me classic up there.. I read that when I was younger and spent the summers at my grandmother’s, who was and is still a major Elvis lover. She gave me that book, and it’s worthy of a spot on my shelf.

My favorite on this portion of my shelf, would probably be Cleat Chaster and Cleat Catcher by Celia Aaron. They’re short reads, much like my own, but they suck you in and give you all the feels of sexy baseball players. Several of these books were freebies that are still on my TBR list.

I have a ton of favorites on this one, I can’t just pick one. Lick by Kylie Scoot, I reread it when I’m needing a sexy rockstar to dream about. The Baller by Vi Keeland is one of my all time favorites, I kept it in my Kindle Unlimited library for soooooo long, because I would reread it all the time. Until one day, I thought Hey, I’m going to buy that book if I love it so much. So, I have a signed paperback and the ebook version. Grey, I don’t think I even have to go into detail for you on that one, and it’s signed by E.L. James herself.

And you should have guessed it based on my last book review, Tijan. Uhhhh, the Fallen Crest Series. I could talk about Sam and Mason all day long. Logan and his goofy antics, Nate and his loyalty to his friends. ALL DAY! I love the Carter Reed series, including Cole. My boys middle names are Carter and Cole, no coincidence there. Just look at those gorgeous, matte covers. If you haven’t read anything by her, you should, and like NOW!

Now, about that Orca mug.

Isn’t it cute???????? The first Book Bonanza that I attended was the first one they hosted, in Denver, Colorado. I met this woman, standing in a random line, Jackie. She was the sweetest. We became friends, running into each other at the event and even sitting together at the after party. We became facebook friends, exchanged numbers. The whole thing! So, when we decided to go to Book Bonanza when it was held in Texas, we started making plans to see each other as soon as we arrived. The lines for the event were SOOOO long, and we sat for hours. When she found me in line, she said “I have a surprise for you.” And whipped this beautiful mug out for me, complete with her home town! Now, I love Orca Whales. One of the biggest Free Willy fans, even have my kids hooked. So, the thought of her thinking about me and wanting to give me this gift was the absolute sweetest!

And that’s it!

What’d you think? See anything you like? See anything you’ve read? Anything you have questions about or need a personal review about? Hit me up!

I loved writing this post and being able to dig back into my bookshelf.

See you next time!


J. Akridge

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