Why do I read?

Why do I read?

Surprisingly, I’m asked this a lot and it’s not that exciting at all.

But, I’ll tell you anyways.

Reading is an escape for me. It allows me to become the characters in the books I read and I can visualize everything that is happening. And I’m a hopeless romantic, but I also like the conflict some books bring.

Think about it? These characters live lives that some of us may never get to experience. So being able to live through the characters is one of my favorite things.

Another reason I love reading, it puts me to sleep! Sometimes a book may take a week to read, others may take one night. It depends on how tired I am and what my kids have inflicted upon me that day. I read every night before bed.

Every. Single. Night.

I can’t read paperbacks a lot of time because my husband falls asleep before I do and no one wants a light on while they’re trying to fall asleep. So, I always read on my kindle.

A while ago, my eyes started hurting a lot of times when I read so I invested in the Paperwhite Kindle and it’s been my game changer. I read every night, without pain and often fall asleep dreaming of the stories I’ve been reading.

Reading also relieves me of stress. With three kids, two in school and one in the terrible threes it get’s stressful. So, it’s definitely my calming period of each day. Which is probably why I fall asleep every single time.

That’s why I read. It’s nothing shocking or really that intriguing.

So, my question now is, why do you read?


J. Akridge

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