Distractions are a part of life, right?

A lot of times when people find out I have three young kids, two Great Danes, a needy Yorkie, and a husband just like any other… I’m asked this same question.

How do you do it?

My answer every single time is the same. “I just do.” Because, honestly, I don’t have any other choice, right? I mean, I chose this life of being an author. I wanted this. This is my dream, not theres. My family, bratty, needy pups are always first. Always. Granted, I have to juggle times that aren’t always ideal to make my dreams come true, but they are always my top priority. I can write for the rest of my life, but my babies are only little for a little while and I want to relish in all the time I have with them.

When your children are 8, 5, and 3, it is hard. Very hard. There have been times where we’ve all sat in the truck together and just cried… (This happened last weekend at the ballpark). Because raising boys is hard, and I have two of them and they just so happen to be stuck in the terrible three stage and the oldest boy never grew out of the threes apparently.

So, with that being said.. life is a distraction to writing. Or maybe my writing is a distraction to my kids? I don’t know.

One thing I do know, is that I have to find the time to make sure that I can do both to the best of my ability. My kids don’t deserve a half way mom, and my readers don’t deserve a half way book. So, for me it’s always easier to write when my kids are in bed or while they are at daycare or school for the day. This way, I know I have from x time to x time to get my stuff done. That includes marketing, writing, planning, etc. It’s all done while the kids are gone. This way, when they come home, I’m just mom. I’m not J. Akridge, just mom. I try to avoid social media unless I have too, such as release day.

Writing gets the majority of my day, then they get the rest. That’s how it works for me and so I just do. There’s no big secret, it’s all about finding your vibe. And I’m vibing the right way over here.

So, if you feel like you have that perfect story in your head but you don’t have time or too many distractions are in your way. Just do.

You’ll thank yourself later. I know I did.


J. Akridge

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