Charged – J. Akridge


Let me tell you about this story! AH! It seriously owns me, that’s how much I loved writing it.

I started this story in January of 2020, with no plan because I rarely outline and have only recently started trying to outline my books. I had this feeling of wanting to write a story with a strong male hero, one that had some type of history in the military… because DUH! We swoon for Military Men!

I had no plans for this story, until a friend of mine told me to apply for Corrine Michael’s Salvation Society. My exact thoughts were, “Holy crap, this is Corrine Michael’s we’re talking about. I only JUST published Full Court Press (My first book) and I’m not good enough for this.”

So, what did I do after mentally telling myself I wasn’t good enough? I naturally applied to write in the world. LOL. After submitted everything, I waited and waited. Purposely ignoring my email because I was terrified of the rejection email I knew I was going to get. Then one day, I had an email from the world and I WAS ACCEPTED!!!

Then, I panicked. Umm, wtf was I going to write about? I had this story in my head, of a military guy and it had some pieces already worked out. Maybe half way finished or so. Why not use it? Great idea, J!

I re-read the entire Salvation Society series to figure out the best way for me to tie my story to her world and eventually went with Kat and Jackson.

Alexandra is looking for a fresh start. She’s just finished school and ready to take on this new life. She starts over in a small town, completely out of her element.

Jake is struggling to move forward in his life. Being discharged from the military after losing your best friend in an ambush is hard, really hard.

The two meet when Alex has a flat tire. Fate brings the two together and their story is swoon-worthy.

I hope you all love the story as much as I have and make sure to check out the other books from other talented authors in this series!

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