Who is Chelle Sloan?

Beneath The Sheets is a romance author podcast, brought to you by Tori Fox and J. Akridge. Two romance authors, and friends who are diving Beneath the Sheets of some of your favorite authors to learn more about them and their writing. Get ready to have a few laughs along the way. New episodes air Mondays at 7 AM.

Tori Fox and I got Beneath The Sheets with the one and only, Chelle Sloan. During our podcast episode, we were able to learn more about Chelle, her writing, what she’s working on, and how she got started on TikTok.

Chelle is a contemporary romance author who writes happily ever afters with a lot of love and a bit of humor mixed in. She’s a native of Ohio with a decade-long career in sports journalism. She’s a diehard Cleveland sports fan, the owner of way too man tumblers, and will be a New Kids on the Block fan until the day she dies. Her best writing comes from her local Starbucks and you’ve probably seen her gorgeous self on TikTok.

If you haven’t listened yet, make sure to tune in for a good time. Including the best part of the episodes, MY JOKES of course!! Here’s one from Chelle’s, “Writers are always cold because they’re surrounded by drafts.”

If that didn’t make you laugh, are you really in this book world? Chelle referred to my jokes as “Dad jokes of the author world.” And she’s not wrong.

Chelle is a new author who released her first book in 2020, Reformation. Reformation is part of the Salvation Society by Corinne Michaels. This was the first book she had ever written in total, although she has several pieces of work she’s written in the past but promises they will never see the light of day. For Chelle, being able to write in the Salvation Society was HUGE. Chelle is a huge fan of this series and it was the first series she had ever read by Corinne.

She even mentioned during her interview that she had no plans of continuing her writing career. For her, this was a one-and-done opportunity that she could cross off her bucket list. She was content, but Corinne had other plans for her and after some encouragement from Corinne herself, Chelle decided to take a jump and release her second book within six weeks.


Chelle worked continuously during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring Off the Record, book #1 in the Nashville Fury Series, to our Kindles, and once again, she didn’t plan to continues. At least not for a series, but Chelle being Chelle, she left too many easter eggs for readers to beg her for more. Which is how Off Track was brought about.

Chelle is currently working on a Novella that is Fury adjacent to Off the Record, she plans to continue working on this series closer to the end of the year.

Why the gap you may ask? This wasn’t even included in the podcast episode. She’s busy releasing THIRST TRAP!

You’re probably having the same reaction that I did, Thirst Trap + Chelle Sloan + TikTok = BRILLIANT!

Here’s the blurb:

Definition of a thirst trap: A sexy photograph, video, or message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to profess their attraction.

Thirst traps are meant to entice. To make women wish for something they can’t have.

You’re not supposed to fall in love with one.

In my defense, I didn’t mean to. It was just supposed to be one night of fun. One night where I could forget my responsibilities and family name. Where I could just be a girl in a bar.

I didn’t expect the sexy small town cop to come sliding into my life on his knees. Literally. Or his dance moves to sear themselves into my memory. Or that kiss…

To his millions of followers he’s Officer Sexy. To me he’s just Jake.

The only man who has ever made me want more. The only one who has ever seen me for me. The man I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with.

Which brings me to what we all love Chelle so much for, aside from her romantic words on paper, TIKTOK! The Thirst Trap Queen herself talks about the very first video she ever made on TikTok and how she can’t believe where she is today.

Chelle currently has 450k+ followers on TikTok. If you’ve not watched, you’re missing out on good laughs.

“How did you become the Thirst Trap Queen?” in which Chelle answered, “I’m still trying to figure that out.” She recently just had her one-year anniversary on TikTok. Chelle described her first viral video as being Franky Z, the singer, dancer, “very good looking man that he is” according to Chelle. She held up a piece of paper that said “Alexa, where is the river?”

Chelle goes on to discuss how blessed she feels to have become a TikToker who writes romance books. Chelle will always be one of our best book friends and anytime the three of us chat, there are always lots of laughter.

Make sure to visit Chelle’s website, to find more about what’s coming, signed paperback books, and of course Thirst Trap merch!!

To listen to Chelle’s episode on Beneath The Sheets, click here.

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Whew, that sounds dirty.

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