What’s new?

Ahhh!! I feel like sooooo much has been going on lately. I’m just in such a hectic stage of life, and to be honest I probably wouldn’t change a single bit of it.

Well, I mean… almost.. If I could have complete focus so I can get work done, that’d be nice!

My kiddos are heading back to school next week, and I’m both excited and a complete train wreck for them. Fourth grade is scary and so is Kindergarten when you’re little. That means I only have one year left with my youngest before he starts school and we know that once they get to school age, the years are double speed.

So, I’ve been trying to enjoy more time with them. Put all book related things on the back burner so they have my full attention, which isn’t always easy because when a character is talking to me.. they are talking and want their story told right then!

On an exciting note, the cover of Enthralled will be revealed tomorrow! I feel like this took far too long for me to finish, but it’s here and will be releasing in TWO WEEKS! EEEK!

Tori and I are steadily recording and releasing new episodes of the podcast, which is growing every single day. I can’t even describe how pumped I am for all the things to come in the future with it. We’ve had some hilarious guests lately, and I love meeting all these new authors and getting the scoop on their lives.

This one’s a short one today, I just wanted to pop in… say hello.. give a little tidbit about life.. and such.

Have a fabulous week! Much love!



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