Bank Shot

Lydia Spencer isn’t looking for a relationship, at all. She has her hands full, raising her niece and being a full-time nurse at the local hospital. Her world revolves around Annie and work, nothing more. Which is why she was never expecting Chris Cole to walk into her life.

Chris Cole is ready for something more serious in his life. He’s got the home, the dog, the career, but where’s the woman of his dreams? A car accident leaves him hospitalized where he meets a sexy, redhead that smells like strawberries and makes him lose his thoughts. The pull he has to her is unlike anything he’s ever experienced. 

Being a mother slows their relationship down, but Chris is willing to give it his all. When Annie’s life is threatened, Lydia has to make a decision that puts her own life at stake. Can Lydia and Chris make the Bank Shot? Or will they miss their chance at a happily ever after?

What’s everyone saying so far?

“I’m in love with this trio!! Sorry, not sorry, but Annie stole the show. I absolutely adore her to pieces and the way Chris is with her and all the kids is just perfect!! 🖤🔥🏀🔥🖤” – Goodreads Review

This books gives you all the feels, from heartwarming to balling your eyes out to 🥵 from Chris and Lydia’s chemistry. I absolutely could not put this down, this was my first read by J Akridge but I 100% will be reading through her back catalogue. Chris Cole is THE dream man, but it was her relationship with little Annie that stole the show and melted my heart, if someone could find me my own Chris Cole I’d be eternally grateful 🙏🏻 – Goodreads Review

This book was exactly what I was looking for! The way that she wrote this story isn’t like the two before it. I couldn’t put the book down and fell in love with the character right away. The world needs more Chris’s around! 🙂 Chris is just the kind of guy that Lydia doesn’t realize that she needs. Lydia can bring that missing piece to Chris. LOVE! – Goodreads Review