Blocked Shot

Leighton Presley is focused on one thing. Her career. 

Her attention is solely on proving to everyone that she has what it takes to become an NBA referee, and nothing is going to stop her. Which is why she’s so surprised to see the one man she spent a week with in Vegas on the court. 

Chandler Adams is ready to settle down. He wants the relationship, the home, the family. After a breakup he wasn’t expecting, he spends a week in Vegas and meets someone he can’t keep his mind off of. Which is why he’s stunned to see her on the side of the court. 

After being photographed by the paparazzi, stories begin to form that could very easily ruin what the two have together. When the league finds out about their secret, it threatens to ruin them completely. 

Can Chandler and Leighton defend what they have? Or will the Blocked Shot be called?