Break Away

Gabby Cruz isn’t looking for love unless it happens in one of her books. She’s busy building her author career, and nothing will stand in her way. Which is why she couldn’t stand Mason Nile from the moment she met him. 

Mason Nile is a young playboy and the only relationship he focuses on is the Hawks. He enjoys the spotlight, the women, and the fame. When he’s asked to step in for fellow teammate, Cal King, for a photoshoot he can’t say no. What he didn’t expect was to run into a girl he can’t get out of his head.

After being shot down by Gabby, Mason does everything he can to get her attention. Once she relents, Mason finds out about the secret Gabby had been keeping from him. One that threatens to ruin their relationship. Can Gabby and Mason make the Break Away? Or will her secret destroy them for good?