Come Back

Chrissy Fran is trying to find her true happiness. She’s focused on her family, her friends, and her classroom. In that order. Which is why she knows that she needs to steer clear of Brayson James. At all costs. He is the enemy after all. 

Brayson James is a hot head who’s been told he has to straighten up his act if he wants his career in the NBA to continue. He’s done everything that’s been asked of him, which is why it’s a shock when he finds out he’s being traded to the Savannah Hawks, where everyone hates him.

Neither expected their paths to cross, but the pull between the two is undeniable. When Chrissy’s friends and family find out about their relationship, it forces Chrissy to make a tough decision. One that could ruin everything. 

Can Chrissy and Brayson make the Come Back? Or will Brayson’s past continue to haunt him?