Foul Shot

Jennifer Montgomery isn’t looking for a serious relationship, she enjoys her freedom. Jennifer’s past has left her fearful of entering any type of relationship in the future, except those where friends have benefits. She’s an avid basketball fan, so when she meets the Cal King after a Hawks game, she’s ready for the events of the night. 

Cal King is a player, both on and off the court. He doesn’t date, at least nothing serious, but something about Jennifer catches his attention. She’s sexy, smart and funny as hell. The fact that she’s down for a friends with benefits relationship is icing on the cake. 

Neither of them want anything serious, so it’s a shock when one of Jennifer’s students, Bobby, moves in with her. All it takes to threaten what they have now is a picture posted by a fan causing Social Services to rethink the current placement and giving Bobby’s parents a chance to formulate a plan. Can Jennifer and Cal push through their emotions to make the Foul Shot? Or will their past define their future? 

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“I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish and highly recommend it. You will enjoy the mystery, adventure, and romance you find. The book is well paced, and you will not want to put it down.” – Kathleen

“This is a well written book with a cast of strong characters centering on Cal and Jen. They have a strong chemistry and sizzling passion. The emotions come through the pages with her perfectly painted scenes as the story moves fluidly. she had me glued to the pages with all the twists and turns and delivers a great read.” – Brenda

“Another great read! Jennifer and Cal each don’t want a relationship. Following their story as they fall in love and realize it is such a fun read. I also enjoy the friends of the four ladies in the series. I hope the other two get their own books.” – Stacey K.