One More Night

Fighting for love is hard, fighting against it is even harder. 


I thought Declan Sanchez was supposed to be my forever, love just wasn’t enough for us. He left, and my life was crumbling around me. 

Moving on from him wasn’t easy, but as the years passed it got easier.

So, when he walks back into my life, it feels like I am drowning all over again.


I didn’t want to let her go, but I had to. She deserved a life that I couldn’t give her. A life where she wasn’t waiting around to see if I’d survive another day in the military.

But after seeing her again, I’m determined to make her mine. I just have to prove that I’ll stay. 

And that’s a promise I can’t keep. 

What’s everyone saying?

“A small-town second chance romance with all the feels. You don’t want to miss this one.” – Kaylee Ryan Author

“I had to stop reading this a few times because I truly felt like I was reading about myself throughout this book. I connected with both of these characters for different reasons and was absolutely blown away. I really hope we get to see all of these characters again soon. 🖤🔥🦴🔥🖤 ” – Goodreads Review

“Second chance at love with military, yes please. Absolutely loved this story and it gutted me knowing that Declan just wanted Lou to not worry about him if and when he was deployed. He watched his mom worry about the phone ringing when his dad was deployed and he wanted the love of his life to not suffer the same fate. Lou can never let go of Declan, even after 10 years of trying to forget about him. Loved that they came back to one another because they were true love.” – Goodreads Review