Foul Shot

CHAPTER 1 – Jennifer

          It’s been a while since I’ve had a night in the city, I’m so glad the girls decided to come to the bar tonight. Our original plans were to go to the game, maybe meet some guys on the strip, and spend the rest of the night drinking cheap wine by the hotel pool. We’re classy like that. 

We are rarely able to get together like this, our schedules don’t always mesh together to work out a weekend trip and Kelsi has other responsibilities. 

When Kelsi was offered the free VIP tickets, I just knew she’d turn them down. Not that I wouldn’t miss out on something like this for her, because I would. As much as I’d hate it, she’s my best friend and not much on going out. She has a four-year-old son at home and his father did a number on her self-esteem. He pretty much made her a recluse. Kyle was a douchebag, he drank too much, didn’t take any of his responsibilities seriously, and sure as hell didn’t see what a gem he had in Kelsi.

Regardless of how much we tell her she is beautiful and deserves time to herself and to have fun, she often refuses. But she lost a bet, a bet we made in our classrooms. Kelsi and I are both teachers at Rocky Elementary School, it’s the same school we attended years ago, even Chrissy and Gabby.

Not that we’re that old. I mean I still feel pretty young.

Kelsi thought her class could collect more box tops than mine. And, well, I’m a competitive person in nature and there was no way I was going to let her win. So, I did what any good teacher would do, I offered bonus points and an ice cream party. 

The kids have never brought so many box tops in. Our room was overflowing. Well, that’s a bit dramatic, but there was a lot. And my class ended up winning. 

By one box top. On freaking box top.

But I still won, and that’s what mattered. Well, that and our school benefited from it as well.

And tonight’s game is my reward. 

A night out to the Hawks game is exactly what my girl needs to relax and unwind a little. When we arrived tonight, I announced my plan of getting her laid tonight. She needs it, and by the way her ass looks in the jeans she wore tonight, I don’t think I’ll have any problems finding her an eligible bachelor. She really is the perfect catch. Kyle never saw the good in her, he always made her feel like shit. A story that hits way too close to home for me. 

           So, being the lucky bitch that she is, Kelsi ended up flat under a basketball player. But not just any basketball player, no

Her luck is better than that. She landed under the Prince of basketball himself,  the Landon Prince. 

Now, I know that her being horizontal under a ballplayer sounds kinky and all, and I’m totally here for it, but the truth is it was an accident. Which resulted in her being covered in nacho cheese and beer, ruining her shirt. Landon sent someone to meet Kelsi so she could get a new shirt. She left and when she came back a strange man in a suit handed her VIP tickets to Bar 765. 

I shit you not. 

Luckiest bitch in the world. It’s a popular club on Rusk Row, the only way you can gain entrance is if you have a VIP ticket or stand in line for most of the night. 

The entire situation was swoon-worthy, like something you read about in romance novels or see on the big screen. Which I’m sure Gabby took very detailed notes on for her next book. 

            Bar 765 is dark when we walk in, full of sweaty bodies like every other club on the strip after a winning Hawks game. The city of Atlanta goes insane when it comes to supporting their boys on the court. We’re not the only ones dressed in Hawk attire tonight, I think everyone from the game came straight here.

With it being only a block away from the arena, it’s the perfect spot for partying after the game. We stopped at a bar on our way over, where we all took a few shots to help hype our girl up before entering the club that Landon Prince would be at. She’s doing better than I expected tonight, considering this is really out of her element. But of course, the dick head from her past has to make an appearance and ruin her good night. 

She hasn’t seen him in over four years. Not since the day she gave birth to her son, Carson. The sperm donor, he doesn’t even deserve the title of baby daddy, told her to drive herself to the hospital so he could finish watching the game. 

This is why she hates basketball and refuses to have anything to do with it.

She’s been raising Carson on her own and is one hell of a mother. I’ll never have a kid of my own, but if I did I’d want to be like her in that area. I’m not sure what is being said between Kelsi and her ex, but I do hear him refer to me as a slut. Just as I’m about to open my mouth, I’m distracted by the large, muscular man standing at her back. 

Landon Prince is one of the “Royals” on the Hawks basketball team. It’s a nickname given to the two because of their last names. He and Cal King are tearing up the courts this season and are described as the Shaq and Kobe duo in today’s generation. I’m a huge fan of basketball, love everything about it. The atmosphere, the fans, the food, it’s all spectacular to witness and until you do, you wouldn’t understand. 

I have a friend that keeps giving me tickets for games, he hasn’t asked me out but I know that it’s part of his plan. That may make me sound horrible, but I’m not going to turn down front-row seats. Which is how we were so close to the court when Kels was trampled by Landon. I think that out-of-bounds ball may have just changed her life in a good way.

I’m following my friends up the long stairs that lead to a loft above the club where the VIP spend their evenings, still laughing at the look on Kyle’s face.

“He’s such a dick,” Chrissy says beside me. I agree. “I just want Kelsi to have fun tonight.” Chrissy is Kelsi’s sister, the two are polar opposites in nearly everything. 

“How the hell did he get in here, I wonder?” She shrugs her shoulders once we reach the top. The club is hard to get into, and the line out front provides it especially when the players are here. 

 I’ve heard a lot about Bar 765, but haven’t come. It has great reviews and constantly gets social media recognition. But I’ve never understood why they named it Bar 765 instead of Club 765. It has more of a club feel to it. 

The dim lights allow for the clubgoers downstairs to struggle to see what takes place up here. Smart on the owner’s part, I’m sure that’s an attraction for the players.

There are several couches spread throughout the space with multiple bodies occupying each. I zero in on one person that I wouldn’t be able to tear my eyes away from if I tried. 

Cal King. 

He’s a sexy beast of a man. And, I have no shame admitting that I would climb him like a damn tree. I’ve seen him on the court lots of times and I’ve stalked magazine articles and news reports of him, but none of that even matches what I’m seeing now. I don’t hide how I’m checking him out. He’s huge, his body taking up the majority of the couch. He’s dressed in slacks and a button-down shirt, his muscles are well defined through his clothing. 

He currently has two blondes hanging all over him, obviously court bunnies. But they won’t stop me from allowing my eyes to roam that perfectly toned, athletic body. 

I won’t dare admit how many times I’ve googled his name just to see his Calvin Klein underwear commercial photos. Let me just say, I don’t think he was stuffing in that photoshoot. The man has been blessed.

I remember meeting his mother at a game once. I didn’t know at the time that it was her until a news article released about him buying his mother a new car and I recognized her face. She was sweet and went on and on about Cal. Never mentioning her relationship with him or his basketball career, just talked about what type of man he was. I thought it was sweet, she was so invested in him but I didn’t buy into it too much, just spent most of the game listening to her talk.

Walking towards where he sits, I adjust my bra, making sure the girls look good. King looks up as we approach the empty couch across from him. Our eyes connect and I visibly see him start to pull away from the two girls. Both upset by his change in behavior, I, however, fucking love it. It makes me feel bold, I’m pretty cocky after all. 

I don’t date. Hell to the no. The dating world is not for me. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Occasionally, I’ll be fine entering a no-strings-attached relationship. But even then, it never makes it more than a week or two. It gets too complicated, or they get attached. Plus, my last real relationship was pure hell. God, he was such a dick.

I’m happy with having dates, never settling. It’s exciting and keeps my heart safe.

I’m different from my friends, I enjoy playing the field. Kelsi has sworn off men, Gabby has some emotional things she’s working through and I don’t know what the fuck Chrissy is doing. 

My eyes roam Cal’s body again. He’s tall. I may know most of the details of the players on the team, like how he stands at 6’6” and weighs close to two hundred and thirty pounds. This makes me sound creepy as shit, but I don’t give a rat’s ass. Chrissy makes fun of me for being a sports junkie but how could you not when the guys look the way they do? I’m a firm believer that God made men look like this to get women to attend more games.

He has broad shoulders. Shoulders that I want to run my hands along, feeling every single muscle as I do it. He’s dark, handsome, and has a dangerous, bad boy vibe. His eyes are a gorgeous shade of blue that will have you mesmerized, his dark hair is cut short with a little length on top and it’s as dark as a moonless, midnight sky. He sports a flawlessly trimmed beard that is the perfect length, one I know would bring me so much pleasure. 

No, one that will bring me so much pleasure. 

See, I’m a total whore. But wouldn’t you be? It’s fucking Cal King we’re talking about.

“King.” I hear Landon’s voice, but my eyes never leave Cals. Something is passing between us at this moment, and it is stirring all the tingles between my legs. “These are the girls from the game I was telling you about.” Cal nods, shifting his weight more. Completely untangling himself from the two girls that are now trying harder to crawl onto his lap to regain his attention. When they realize their luck has run out, they stare at me in disgust. Thankfully, I have a thick skin and can take it. Which is why I’m happy to throw them the same look in return. 

Ah. bitter bitches. 

They stand to leave, noticing an opening at another sofa with a player who will probably take them home. I watch as they walk towards Mason Nile, and take both sides of him. 

Poor things, glad they turned these frowns upside down. Sorry ladies, King is mine tonight. 

Determination really should be my middle name. And tonight, I am determined to get under Cal. 

I walk over to the empty couch and plop my ass down right beside him. I can tell he’s taken back by my brashness, most usually are. Chrissy always says I’m an acquired taste, that you either love me or you don’t. But if the way his eyes are currently roaming my body says anything, I’d say he has acquired the taste of Jennifer Montgomery. 

A tap on my shoulder has me tearing my eyes from him. “Hey,” I say to Gabby. 

“We’re going down to dance, want to come?” Shaking my head no, she smiles at me before turning on her heel and heading for the stairs. I watch as they disappear. 

Gabby is probably the shyest out of our group, but she always says she likes it that way because we give her amazing stories to use in her books. She’s a romance author, killing it in the indie world. And her books are freaking spectacular. Plus how neat is it to say one of your best friends is a romance author? Pretty fucking cool if you ask me. It has its perks too, like going with her to book signings with all the super hot, ripped models. But, she has been growing out of her shell more since her first book was published. 

“Hi.” I turn my attention back to the sexy as sin man beside me, the smell of his cologne hitting me with his closeness. “I’m Cal.” His voice is deep, deeper than I expected. The sound goes straight to my vagina, causing me to clench my legs a little. He notices, dropping his gaze to my knees before he looks back to my eyes and smiles. God, that smile. 

“Jennifer,” I introduce myself, his blue eyes never leave mine. The sexual tension between the two of us is thick. “But I prefer to be called Jen.” I wink as a waitress walks up and delivers a few glasses of champagne. Kelsi and I each take a flute, and I eye her as she awkwardly takes a sip and glances out towards the dance floor. She’s sobered up slightly after running into Kyle. Landon is leaned into her, she’s holding his full attention. I can tell she’s into him, but she won’t openly admit it. Either way, I’m rooting for my girl to get laid tonight by the basketball stud. 

“You from around here?” He leans closer to me so I can hear him over the DJ playing down below. The floors are vibrating under my feet. 

I nod at him. “Just outside of the city.” Shifting closer my leg brushes up against his, causing a smirk to break free. 

“You have a boyfriend?” And there’s the million-dollar question. He cocks a brow in question, bringing his beer to his lips, I hadn’t noticed he was even holding one. I watch as he takes a drink and silently wish it was me on those lips. 

“I don’t do boyfriends.” I wink at him, gauging his reaction. Boyfriends are too much work, you don’t have the same independence as being single, it’s just too much and I enjoy my freedom far too much to be tied down to only one man. 

And it’s not lost on me to realize how rare it is for a female to think the way I do. I still shock guys when they figure out what I’m looking for.

You see, it’s simple. I enjoy the variety. I don’t want to settle down and only have one penis for the rest of my life. That is boring and not ok with me. I thought I wanted that at one point with my ex, but he was abusive and controlling. And with him went all my hopes in successful relationships.

His charming personality is what blinded me. And I refuse to put myself through any more of that. So, this may make me a whore to some, and that’s ok because, quite frankly, I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about me. It’s just the way I keep my distance, and it’s a way that works for me to protect my heart.      

“That’s different.” He draws out the word, smirking at me. That damn smirk causes me to cross my legs over one another. Damn him, his smiles, and all the feelings they evoke.

“What about you?” Throwing his question back at him. “Do you have a girlfriend?” 

I know he doesn’t, or if he does, he hides it well. He’s photographed with other women, but never any that claim to be his girlfriends and he hasn’t publicly claimed anyone either. He’s linked to some at times, but the news dies as quick as the next scandal. 

“Nope,” he pops his p and takes another drink. “completely single. I don’t do the girlfriend scene; it’s too much work.” he shrugs and I smile at his answer and do a mental celebration that he’s so similar to me. Tonight will be fun and I’m ready to get it started. His eyes bore into mine, the tension growing stronger around us. 

Fuck it, I’m going in. 

“So, does that mean you’re doing me tonight?” I laugh when his expression turns to shock on his face; I can tell he’s unsure of how to respond to me. I’m assuming most women aren’t this forward with him, which can’t be right considering who he surrounds himself with each night. I guarantee you either of the blondes who occupied this spot before me would have been more than happy to pleasure him for the night and were probably vocal about what they wanted to do to him.

“Absolutely.” He stands, pulling me up by the hand to go with him. “Let’s go.” 

“What hotel are you in?” I ask as I stand beside him, his body presses into mine. I can’t bring him to mine with three roommates for the night. 

“We can go to The Ashford.” He replies, bending his head lower so he can hear my response. It’s then that I realize we have quite a height difference between us. I expected this because I know I’m not supermodel height, but actually being able to measure the height is different.

“That’s where we are staying.” I pull back and give him a wink, he nods. 

Must be fate. 

I stop next to where Kelsi and Landon are seated, I’ve been so wrapped up in Cal, I didn’t notice how close they’ve gotten. My face may break from smiling for my friend. 

A night of no-strings-attached sex with someone like Landon is perfect for her. She’ll be able to say she bagged the next bachelor of the year.

“Hey, we’re going to head out. Cal is getting a room at the same hotel as us. Chrissy and Gabby left a bit ago to go dance.” She smiles at me. “I think they may have left.” glancing over to the dance floor. It’s not as full as earlier and I don’t see them.

Looking back to Kelsi, I don’t give her much time for argument, not wanting to push her into it but trying to give her a nudge of confidence. If she wants to leave, she can ride to the hotel with us. I see her battling with herself, so I bend down to whisper in her ear. “Just go with it.” When I lean back, a small smile plays on her lips and her mind is made up.

Let me pat myself on the back. 

Now, I’ve got things to do, or better yet, someone to do. And the way that someone is staring at me right now makes me want to rip my clothes from my body right here in the club.